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Great Atmosphere at Las Posadas

This Easter we have welcomed a group of 11 Irish walkers to Posada de Alájar; their humour and resistance amazed us!

I’m not sure if you know but we have just had the wettest March in Spain for 66 years but this did not deter our intrepid guests! They managed to get 2 decent days out of the five but rain or shine they were out to enjoy the countryside and little moaning was heard – more laughter and good crack than anything else! The 2 good days certainly allowed them to see what our Parque Natural de la Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche has to offer and they were delighted to find such a wide variety of flowers and trees beginning to blossom in a spring that would normally be well and truely here by now.

Everyone reiterated what a lovely part of Spain, Andalusia we live in, how pretty the village is and how friendly the villagers. They sampled the delights of 3 restaurants in the village El Corcho, Las Palomitas and El Padrino, bought supplies for their picnics in the various shops dotted around the village and drank coffee in the square when the rain allowed!Mustn’t forget to mentioned that they dined at Posada de San Marcos, on their first and final nights with the fresh local ingredients where I, @LaTrianera, served Iberian Pork casserole with chocolate and black pepper sauce and Iberian Pork loin with a walnut and brandy sauce. That first night we had quite an ecletic mix of guests – Irish, English, Danish all served by the best waitress in town (specialises in cartwheels at any oportunity) and of course our MC Ángel!The final dinner concluded the holiday with a couple of birthdays and an anniversary thrown in so just had to be celebrated with the Divine Chocolate Birthday Cake by Mary Berry (- it must have been good as there wasn’t any left for us to try!) along with some wonderful Cava and some great singing to finish off the evening.

Thanks again for choosing to spend your anual walking break with @Posaderos at Posadas Alájar. We look forward to having you again in the not too distant future!

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