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Las Posadas

Posada de San Marcos

Charming small hotel - Andalusia
The property originally dates back to early 19th Century and was a typical building from the village, making use of the street level for the living quarters and the lower level at the back for cellars, used for storage and for curing hams and charcuterie. The building had been unoccupied for over 40 years and was considered a ruin locally and, interestingly, according to the villagers it has had various names through its life. We purchased the property and the land behind it in 2007 – it amused us that we were congratulated on the purchase in the village before we had actually shook hands on the deal! The project began to take shape although we were faced with a number of challenges and delays when we presented the plans to the department of culture in Huelva. The process was delayed substantially at this stage. However, everything was finally approved and the renovation project commenced in December 2009.

Posada de Alájar

Charming small hotel
Lucy and Angel have been running La Posada de Alájar since 2004. We are active members of the village community and feel fully integrated into Alájar village life. Our daughter Sofía, who refuses to be considered a “guiri”, was born in 2006 giving us an even more permanent status in the village. We realised early on, given that we were in the south of Spain, the lack of garden, patio and swimming pool would be a distinct disadvantage, and so, in 2007 we bought a property in the same village which was ideally situated to convert into a new environmentally friendly Posada de San Marcos. Our vision was to be able to offer all our guests the luxury of sitting in the sun, surrounded by the countryside, almost all year round. After many trials and tribulations during the renovation project, finally our dream has become a reality!

Posada de San Marcos
Posada de Alájar

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Posada de San Marcos: Calle Colon, 12, 21340 Alájar, Huelva, Spain
Posada de Alájar: Calle Médico Emilio González, 2, 21340 Alájar, Huelva, Spain

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Phone: +34 959 12 57 12 Mobile: +34 667 90 61 32 Email: info@posadasalajar.com

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