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Mountain Biking

Another area full of potential! Would you like to be the one to discover a virtually unexploited area where MB is still a virgin sport? As with all sports there are different levels of abilities and difficult paths. One of the many active sport companies listed below will be able to guide you depending on your level.(In Spanish but we are happy to help you through the booking) We have found various web pages with the links below that describe different MB routes (currently only in Spanish but we’ll try to sort that out!)

There are plenty of routes to enjoy through the woods of chestnuts, olives, holm and cork oaks, along rivers and up mountains taking in the wonderful views from the tops and breathing in the fragrance of the flora all around. Maybe you could help us improve the information available on the area and encourage more people to discover the area. At La Posada de San Marcos we have outdoor space for you to make adjustments to your bikes and covered storage space for the bikes overnight. If you don’t want to travel with your own bike we can arrange bike hire for you.

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