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Mushrooms Galore

Observe, study and collect the wide range of wild mushrooms and fungi that flourish in the sierra in Spring and Autumn. There are over five hundred types many being edible however many are also toxic and some  even lethal, so we don’t recommend you pick them yourselves but join guided groups which can take you to the most prolific areas. Bring them back to the Hotel and we’ll prepare a mushroom banquet for your supper! During autumn there are quite a few companies that organise excursions, meeting up somewhere in the park and taking you to their secret place for you to enjoy the exhilarating feeling of discovering something as simple and humble as a wild mushroom which fetches rather a lot of money at the market! We will be informing you through our web site the dates the excursions are organized, the cost, where to meet up and how to confirm the booking. Keep your eye out on our “what to do section” and “Twitter page”

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