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Our Environmental Policy

Enviromental Policy

We follow an environmentally friendly management policy at both Posadas, taking the preservation and protection of natural resources into account in everything we do.
We are keen to play a part in keeping this unique place special for you and your children and  and need your understanding and support to help us do this.
Over the past years we have taken the following measures to help towards environmental protection:

Energy saving:

We use LED and low consumption light bulbs where ever suitable.
All our equipment is kept clean and maintained regularly to reduce energy consumption.
Solar panels were installed at La Posada de Alájar in 2004 to provide our hot water supply. Ground source energy is being used at La Posada de San Marcos
Independent heating and cooling in rooms and other areas that can be regulated individually and only used when those rooms are occupied.


To reduce water and chemical consumption we change towels and sheets every 3-4 days. We have installed low energy heated towel rails to help dry the towels.
We always ensure that the dishwasher is full before using it.
We have a double flush system in all the toilets and at La Posada de San Marcos rain and well water is collected and stored for use in the toilet flush system and for irrigation


Organic waste is separated and used for compost. Used oil is collected by an official company to be recycled. Paper, glass and plastic are recycled using the village services.
Paper is used on both sides and for internal memoranda.
We only print the documents we are obliged to. All our other records are maintained on hard disk.
Bathroom amenities are offered in refillable dispensers, replacing the sachets or disposable plastic bottles that create so much waste.


We use environmentally friendly products for cleaning.
Our laundry service also supports our policy and uses environmentally friendly products in the washing process.
Where ever possible we try to replace disposable plastic products by reusable ones.

How you can help us

Do not let water run unnecessarily, turn the tap off while brushing your teeth, shaving or washing your hands and ensure that they are off after use. Let us know if any of the taps in your bathroom are dripping.

Use the shower rather than the bath, a shower uses 5 times less water than a bath.
Keep your towels for 3-4 days
Switch off lights and fans and leave heating on minimum on leaving the room.
Don’t leave mobile chargers plugged in.
Follow the country code and bring your rubbish back with you after enjoying your day out and about.

Our efforts have been recognised by the following entities:

“Q” de Calidad
Parque Natural de Andalucía
European Charter for Sustainable Tourism

Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park became a Charter member in 2007 and we became a charter partner in 2009 after taking part in various training sessions and also after becoming an information agent for the park and the Charter. As part of our commitment to the charter and sustainable tourism in the park we continue to attend training and information sessions organized by the relevant bodies. For more information please follow this link http://www.redeuroparc.org/cartaeuropeaturismosostenible.jsp

Through the following links you will find more information on the area:


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