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The Two Of Us

Posada de AlajarAngel, born and bred in Sevilla, studied English at University. I have travelled extensively in the UK, USA, Canada and Ireland and am passionate about history, art and Spanish Culture along with my addiction to sport, the open air and great food to recharge the batteries. Always looking to learn, I am not afraid to turn my hand to anything and have been responsible for the majority of improvements we made when we first started at La Posada. I enjoy being able to share my knowledge and love for the area, probably due to all those years I spent as a teacher.

Lucy, born and bred in Bolton, UK, studied hotel catering management in Blackpool, not knowing that this or the failed Spanish GCSE would ever come in useful! Food, walking and enjoying life are my hobbies and, so far, things are going to plan. Fully integrated in the Spanish culture and village life, feeling part of the make up of the village is really important, although the afternoon cuppa can never be missed!

The two of us met in the USA in 1988 and have lived in both Sevilla and the UK over the years. The idea of running a hotel together was planted when we spent a few weeks holiday in this beautiful village in 1998 and found the Posada. Not until 2003 did our dream come true when we applied for the concession of the hotel and were successful. In January 2004, we moved to Alájar from the UK having only been there for 2 years of a 10 year plan! The first 6 months was dedicated 100% to renovating the hotel and bringing it to a standard which we are happy with. We must have reached our comfort zone as we decided to improve and extend the business with the addition of the second posada, enabling us to provide the ‘missing factor’: outdoor space and a swimming pool!

Posada de San Marco, AlajarJune 1st 2006 brought us a beautiful baby girl who is growing up in privileged surroundings. She may well move on in the future but to be able to offer our child a safe, healthy childhood is very rewarding even though she thinks she doesn’t see too much of us! She goes to the local school, is happy, contented, thankfully gets on with our guests and is the light of our lives!

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Posada de Alájar: Calle Médico Emilio González, 2, 21340 Alájar, Huelva, Spain H/HU531

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