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Trip Advisors GreenLeaders Programme – Platinum Level for Posada San Marcos

We were very excited to learn about this new programme from Trip Advisor late last year and were eagerly anticipating it’s launch in Europe. When we went to the International Tourist Fair (FITUR) in Madrid last January to pick up our Traveller’s Choice award from Trip Advisor we enquired if there was any news about if and when it would be launched, we were told that yes it would launch, that it would roll out in Europe at the same time but that there was no date set.

In March we received an email inviting us to apply for the programme which we did – filling in a detailed questionaire and on 22 April 2014  – Earth day no less we were notified that we had achieved platinum status in the new GreenLeaders Programme and had been selected for an independent third party audit. Excellent news!

It has taken until now for the badge to appear on our Trip Advisor page but we’ve got it, official recognition of our environmentally friendly practices!

The GreenLeaders programme was first launched in USA in April 2013 and has had an interesting take up according to this article.

We are yet to see what the take up will be in Spain and the rest of Europe, how Trip Advisor will market it and what marketing tools we will be given, but when Trip Advisor launched the programme on March 19 there was so much interest that their site crashed. It is certainly a fantastic programme for small places like ourselves who find it hard to decide on which eco-certificate to opt for, let alone finance it!

What Trip Advisor doesn’t appear to have done is provide a search for GreenLeader participants which to me would make sense. At the moment all a traveller can do is see if that hotel has the GreenLeader status once on the actual page, something to improve on I feel.

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