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Starting on every Saturday from July 1st to 31st August, Susanne is offering a very special week. Early morning sessions of Traditional Hatha Yoga, guiding you calmly through breathing techniques (pranayama), a well-balanced sequence of postures (asanas) working on every part of the body, and relaxation, in our spectacular gardens of La Posada de San Marcos, Alájar, Andalusia and a very special morning walk to the cliff top above Alájar to meditate and practise yoga where telluric forces since celtic times confluence above limestone caves to create a mystic aura.


Practising yoga, relaxing, eating and sleeping in our environmentally-friendly hotel will really let you leave it all behind.

We have a resident yoga teacher and massage therapist from Paris for the summer months, so enjoy private or mini-group yoga classes tailored to your needs and different types of massages for a real wellness-holiday. Susanne speaks five languages and has extensive experience as a yoga teacher and massage therapist.

Group Yoga programme: Minimum group size: 6, maximum group size: 9



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